About Us

CostofStuff.com was started to inform consumers about the cost of many of the popular services to better inform them when making buying decisions. A lot of companies purposefully hide the cost of certain services and repairs because they want consumers to contact the companies first for a quote. Companies know that if you spent the time to request a cost then you're more then likely to choose them. The other reason is that the cost of some services are very costly so if a company advertised the true price it would turn a lot of consumers off right away.

We love providing all our visitor with the most accurate cost information on the internet. We also know that pricing of services will be different from state to state, so we rely on our incredible community of consumers to help each other out and submit there own stories. We hope this website help you in your buying decision and make sure to tell all your friends about CostofStuff.com so we can share the wealth of information with everybody.