Auto Painting Cost

How much does auto painting cost?

The cost of having an automobile painted can vary greatly with the quality, size and the complexity of the job involved.

General Cost

• There are a number of national chains that specialise in the art of auto body painting and they offer prices around the $250 to $500 mark, depending on the job concerned.
• Check out the likes of MAACO, a discount body shop chain that offers a range of options from basic cut price resprays to full body painting of a higher standard.
• Consider the value added to the car with the type of job – you can pay upwards of $1000 at one of the many standard type body shops for what will be an adequate job for a family car.
• If your automobile is a valuable one – a classic or vintage car that you are looking to keep – you will want to consider the top of the range body shop offers, and a full restoration respray job, involving the removal of the chrome and glass and the detailing of the engine bay, can be anywhere between $4000 and $8000, or more if intimate detail is required.

Extra Cost

• Even the cheapest budget set ups will offer you choices. You may wish to have extra layers of paint for a deeper finish or a lacquer applied for the best shine, and polishing and detail offers are all part of the deal.
• If you need body repairs to the car these may be carried out in advance; there is little point in painting over rusted areas as the paint will not take.
• Metallic or special choice finishes may also cost extra.


• Use the internet - it is a great source of useful information. Run a search for ‘auto body shops’ or ‘auto painting’ and get a list of local shops in your area, and then get a quote for comparison from each.
• Have a look at the work that each shop carries out – pay a visit to see that their work is of an acceptable standard. Any good body shop will be happy for you to do this.


• If you are a member of a car club ask them for advice – some shops offer discounts for club members, particularly with vintage cars.
• Make sure you are offered a warranty – there is nothing worse than a shoddy job with no comeback available.
• If you can, do some of the preparatory work yourself such as removing and masking the parts that need to be; some shops will discount you for doing this, ask if they do.

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