Brakes Cost

How much do brakes cost?

It does not need saying that brakes are an essential part of any powered vehicle. As they are in constant use it follows that there are components in the brakes on a car that are subject to wear and, therefore, require frequent replacement. Brakes have a limited life, and while many older cars have systems that can be ably replaced by a home mechanic the modern breed of highly technical designs – with anti-lock facilities and such – are much more at home with an expert. Your handbook will recommend the mileage or age at which various parts of your braking system will need replacing, so that is the best place to start.

General Cost

• It is difficult to come to a standard price for replacing brakes on a car as the price will depend on what parts need replacing, the car itself and the complexity and age of the system.
• For s simple replacement of brake pads and an inspection you can expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $600 for all four wheels.
• This varies not only on the type of car, but on the labour costs in your particular area.
• More complex cars, those that are designed with higher performance in mind, will naturally incur a greater cost.

Extra Cost

• The quoted prices are for simple brake pad replacement; any worn disks, master cylinders and other components that need replacing will, of course, add to the cost of the job.
• Brake pipes and other parts of the hydraulic system may need replacing, too, and brake fluid may need to be replaced or upgraded.
• Difficult to remove or corroded parts can add to the length of time the job takes and, as a result, the cost.


• Check if you are subject to discounts – maybe by membership of the AAA – or if your insurance covers you for brake maintenance.
• Check your warranty if you have a relatively new car, as regular servicing may mean that you are entitled to manufacturer help.


• Shop around for good deals that offer a fixed price rather than an hourly charge.
• Check out providers at where you can find accredited maintenance centres you can rely on.
• If you have an older car consider replacing simple parts like pads yourself, or engaging a friend who is handy with mechanics to do so – it is often very simple indeed.

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