Car Alarm Installation Cost

How much does car alarm installation cost?

The cost of having a car alarm fitted varies according to the type and sophistication of the system and the vehicle itself, and there are many different suppliers and providers in very competitive market.

General Cost

• It is difficult to come up with a typical car alarm cost as the complexity of systems varies greatly, but as a rough guide you should expect to pay at least $50 for a basic system and as much as $300 for one with more sophisticated sensors as part of the package.
• Some more complex alarm and security systems include computerised systems and cameras, and the lower end of this market usually starts at around the $350 mark.
• Installation is extra – the costs we have mentioned so far are for the system only – and for a basic system you will pay at least $50 for full installation. For more complex systems that require complicated wiring and other engineering you may pay in excess of $300 for a properly fitted quality security system.
• If you are competent you can fit the most basic systems yourself, and save on the installation costs.

Extra Cost

• Optional extras such as cameras, louder sirens and trunk sensors can add to the overall cost but should be considered for more expensive vehicles.
• Vintage cars that are cherished for their originality need to be treated with great care when fitting a modern alarm and this can lead to added cost as unique ways of installing the wiring and device itself are devised.
• Adding an immobiliser – something many people consider vital – may be extra in some of the more basic alarm systems.


• If you want to try and fit a system yourself check out websites such as where you can find wiring diagrams for many systems, or run an internet search for installation tips on the system you are looking to buy.


• Shop around on the internet for places that fit alarms in your local area – run a search for ‘car alarm installation’ – and compare prices to make sure you get the best deal.
• Look for any special offers that promise additional specification in with the price as these can be very popular.
• Make sure the alarm you are choosing is suitable for your vehicle and that your insurance company is happy with the system you intend to fit.

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