Car Suspension Cost

How much does car suspension cost?

There is not a car in the world that does not have some form of suspension system and most have a variation on the standard shock absorbers and springs system. The suspension is a part of the car that ensures safety and comfort are always part of the deal, yet as it is subject to force at all times the many parts of a suspension system need to be replaced when they become worn out. As with many car repairs, the cost of such replacement can vary greatly depending on the make and model, and age, of the vehicle, and there is much to consider when having your cars suspension replaced.

General Cost

• There is no standard cost for replacing a cars suspension but if the system needs a complete overhaul you can expect to pay at least $1000 for even the simplest of vehicles. There are many parts to be replaced, after all, and each is essential to the other.
• More expensive and complex cars will, naturally, cost more and prices of over $2500 are not unusual for some vehicles.
• Vintage and older cars may need special parts sourced, and can cost considerably more as a result.

Extra Cost

• The suspension is a collection of parts, many of which are anchored directly to the chassis. The condition of the points on the chassis where these parts are attached is vital, and corroded or damaged chassis parts can result in necessary extra cost.
• Further extra costs can come in the form of the fine tuning of the system once fitted, although a good supplier will include this in the price.
• Beware the added costs of non-conventional suspension systems such as the hydro-pneumatic versions fitted to some European cars, as these can cost more to maintain.


• If your car suffers suspension failure weigh up the costs against the value of the car; it is not worth paying $2000 to repair a $1000 car.
• Have parts replaced when they come to the end of their estimated life, rather than waiting for them to fail. Your handbook will advise on how long shock absorbers and such should last.


• Shop around for a good deal, and check the price of parts with the likes of and other major suppliers to make sure you are getting the right parts at the right price.
• Consider replacing minor parts yourself – a handy mechanic can replace the shocks on many a standard car with little difficulty.

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