CV Boot Cost

How much does a cv boot cost?

The CV boot is a protective cover that is designed to keep dust and grit out of the constant velocity joints, vital parts of any vehicle and essential to its efficient running, and as they are of a limited life are prone to wear and tear. Replacing a CV boot can vary in cost depending on the vehicle you are dealing with and the systems involved, but as a rule is not an overtly expensive routine.

General Cost

• It is difficult to put a standard cost on replacing a CV boot but you can expect to pay at least $150 and up to $400 depending on your vehicle type and model.
• There is a school of thought that the more you spend on the car the more you will spend on repairs, but even in some of the most expensive vehicles on the roads the cost of a CV boot can be relatively low.
• Labour costs in certain areas will be higher than in others, and as the actual cost of the CV boot – a simple and uncomplicated item – is very low the cost of labour will be what makes up the majority of the cost. Allow more for inner city garages than for those in more remote areas.
• The job should include the replacing of the boot itself plus an inspection of the joints – if CV joints need replacing there is more expense to be considered.

Extra Cost

• There are few additional costs involved in the actual replacing of a CV boot, but what can be more costly is when the joints themselves are found to be damaged.
• Similarly, in many more complex vehicles the cost of replacing a simple boot can be as much as replacing the entire axle system thanks to the complexity of the job involved.


• Make sure you have all CV boots checked at the same time – even wear and tear is quite possible and the time taken to replace two can be little more than that taken to replace one.
• Check whether membership of car clubs or the AAA entitles you to discounts at certain outlets.


• Look for a good independent local garage – ask friends and family for recommendations – as they will be cheaper than a major chain.
• Make sure that the value of the vehicle is in line with the money you spend replacing the CV boots – this is a job that does not add value to the car itself.

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