Driving School Cost

How much does driving school cost?

Learning to drive can be a costly procedure yet there are many things parents can do to reduce the cost when their children begin the process. Costs will vary from state to state – as with many things – as well as with the intensity of the course.

General Cost

• You will need to factor in both classroom costs and behind the wheel tuition, as both are required for the successful pass.
• Classroom tuition courses can vary in cost between $50 and $150, the difference being the number of hours of tuition undertaken.
• Behind the wheel instruction with a tutor can cost between $50 and $200, again dependent on the amount of time spent behind the wheel.
• A combined package including both aspects of learning can cost between $200 and $800, the latter being a comprehensive course that offers the very ultimate in tuition.
• Included in your costs should be full classroom tuition that covers all aspects of required safety training and more, plus simple tuition in basic methods.
• Behind the wheel tuition should take place in a fully equipped modern car with a fully licensed and experienced tutor in the passenger seat. Dual controls are a must for anyone who wants the ultimate in security and safety.

Extra Cost

• Additional costs can be incurred by involving some very useful DVD courses on driving.
• These can cost anywhere between $10 and $100 and are designed to supplement the classroom courses with added information and instruction.
• Parents who wish to provide added tuition can invest in a set of DVDs from AAA Insurance – go to www.aaaexchange.com for details – for just $24, and this course is highly recommended.


• Save money by investing in less hours and allowing the learner to drive a parent or sibling regularly.
• Make sure that study time is uninterrupted.
• Use all available video information.


• Shop around for special offer deals on driving school courses and find one in your area by running an internet search for ‘driving schools’.
• Look for special offers with introductory tuition as an incentive.
• Keep an eye out for discounts if you book both classroom and behind the wheel tuition at the same time.
• Take advantage of any grants or incentives offered by education establishments or state councils.
• Make sure your insurance is fully up to date and covers the learner – failing to do so can be a costly mistake.

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