Limousine Rental Cost

How much does limousine rental cost?

Renting a limousine can be the detail touch that adds glamour and class to an event; whether it is for the school prom or a wedding, a party or just to go to a special event there is plenty to choose from, yet it is worth bearing in mind that rental costs can vary from state to state, from car to car and depending on how long you want the vehicle for.

General Cost

• It is difficult to put a general cost on hiring a limousine as there will be so much variation between individual cases.
• Working on an hourly rate you can expect to pay at least $70 per hour for a standard six limousine, and up to $150 for more exclusive rentals.
• Vintage models and special vehicles can cost in excess of $300 an hour, a premium being paid for the quality and impact of the car concerned.
• For a prom night or similar event factor in $500 for a four hour rental involving a top quality limousine.
• For luxury vehicles including a mini bar, entertainment, special laid on services for weddings and parties you may pay anywhere up to $1000 for a few hours rental.

Extra Cost

• You will be expected to pay for extra pick up points to the tune of anywhere from $10 to $30 a time.
• The above will also apply to dropping off points or stops on the journey, say at a club or bar.
• Fuel charges may be added for longer journeys.
• Any additional aspects not normally provided will come at a premium – drinks, entertainment and added luxuries for example.


• If you are planning a journey that may take longer than is first thought consider renting the limousine for a daily fee. This can negate the hourly costs, which are sometimes calculated at fifteen minute intervals.
• Look for special deals for prom nights – offered by many limousine rental companies as popularity soars – and for discounts for advance booking.
• Make sure you get a written agreement regarding the type of car you have booked when you pay the deposit, and do not accept anything less on the day.


• Shop around for local deals – a quick internet search will reveal plenty of competition.
• Consider asking anyone you know who has a classic car to do the job for you at their own cost.
• Check out the National Limousine Association - - for registered recommended providers in your area.

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