Replacing a Timing Belt Cost

How much does replacing a timing belt cost?

Of the many parts on cars of all ages that need attention the timing belt is one of the most important. Timing belts need replacing periodically and if this is not done a broken timing belt can result in added damage to the engine. You will be able to find details on the point at which your timing belt should be replaced – either by time or mileage – in your handbook, and you should refer to this immediately if unaware of how often it needs replacing.

General Cost

• Like many such things to do with car maintenance the cost of replacing a timing belt depends entirely on the make and model, age and type of vehicle.
• You can estimate a cost of at least $250 for replacing the timing belt on a standard modern family sedan.
• A more complex engine may need added time to replace the timing belt and costs can weigh in at over $1000 in more extreme cases.
• As with all car repairs the cost is in the time involved – the timing belt itself is a relatively cheap item but the time taken to replace it can vary greatly.
• All mechanics will charge an hourly labour rate, and with the length of time taken ranging between two and eight hours there is plenty of diversity in cost.

Extra Cost

• When a timing belt is replaced it is often the case that associated ancillary items will also be considered for replacement. This can be cost effective as it negates the need for repeating the job should, say, a water pump or other such item fails at a later date.
• Many workshop manuals will give recommendations of what should be replaced at the time you replace the timing belt.


• If you are a competent home mechanic with a decent set of tools consider doing the job yourself. On less complex engines the timing belt can be a relatively simple item to replace if you have a handbook and guide to hand.
• If you are not confident in your own ability consider asking a friend who is handy with mechanics to do the job for you.


• Shop around for special deals at local garages offering fixed rate costs for replacing timing belts.
• Consider a replacement when nearing the given time and at a routine service to reduce added labour costs.
• Use local listings and advertisers for the best deals.

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