Replacing Transmission Cost

How much does replacing transmission cost?

The transmission is a vital part of any vehicle and is a major area of concern when it comes to failure. On most modern cars the transmission should be expected to last the lifetime of the vehicle, yet on older models there can be a limited mileage to the transmission and the parts concerned. Cost for replacing a transmission system vary thanks to the type, age and make of the car and the complexity of the job involved.

General Cost

• In any instance of transmission failure you should expect to pay at least $1500 for the replacement of the system itself.
• For more complex transmission systems the cost can be in excess of $4000, and much more in some cases of particularly unusual vehicles.
• The more expensive the vehicle concerned – when it was new – the more complex the transmission is likely to be and, therefore, the more expensive the job.
• Costs can also vary due to geographical location: what a mechanic is paid in one area may vary to that in another, and this is part and parcel of the cost of repair.

Extra Cost

• The entire failed transmission system should be removed, including all auxiliary parts, and a new system replaced.
• You should also be provided with some form of warranty by the installers, usually in a mileage agreement with servicing included.


• If your car is older and the transmission fails it is worth weighing up the value of the car against the cost of a new transmission system; in many cases it is not worth replacing failed transmission in older vehicles.
• For more valuable cars – vintage and specialist vehicles – make sure you find a garage that is competent with such machines; your local auto repair shop may not be the best place to have your Ferrari’s transmission repaired.


• Look for discounted jobs at local specialists, and also take into account information from clubs and owners societies for older and more treasured vehicles.
• If you are a member of the AAA you may qualify for discounts at some specified garages.
• Try and be preventative – always have expensive parts such as the transmission thoroughly checked when your vehicle is in for a routine service.
• If you have an older vehicle and want to keep it, consider using reconditioned transmission systems from accident damaged or scrapped vehicles.

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