Towing a Car Cost

How much does towing a car cost?

A broken down vehicle is something that affects many of us at some point, and there are many reasons why we made need to have a car towed from one location to another. The most common reason is to have the vehicle taken to a body or repair shop, and this can be a journey of varied length. The cost for towing a car depends on the vehicle itself, and where you want it taken to, and there are many ways you can keep the costs to a minimum.

General Cost

• The general cost of having a car towed may vary from state to state, but a good starting point is to expect to pay anywhere between $40 and $80 for a distance of five miles.
• Remember that longer than five miles is considered a long journey for most tow truck companies, and anything in excess will see added costs applied with anywhere between $3 to $5 per extra mile being the norm.
• If your car is seized or needs to be put on a flat bed then there may be extra costs involved.
• The size of your car may also have a bearing on the costs involved.

Extra Cost

• Retrieving a car from an accident or a place where it is particularly difficult to get at will incur additional costs thanks to the added work involved.
• If the job takes longer due to unforeseen problems with the vehicle there can be added costs – expect to pay an extra $50 per hour over the estimated time and sometimes more.
• For very large vehicles you can easily add a quarter to the standard price of the tow.


• Check your insurance and see if towing costs are covered in the event of a breakdown or accident – in some cases there may be clauses that exempt you from paying for the first, say, five miles.
• Make sure you have everything explained in layman’s terms.
• Don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion.


• Shop around for a local company that will do the job for a reduced rate – you may be surprised at the discounts you find.
• If you think there may be complications that are as yet unseen, try and engage a company that will agree a set fee for perhaps a slightly higher than normal cost with an agreement for no added costs.
• Ask friends, neighbours and colleagues for their advice – a recommendation from a friend can result in reduced costs as goodwill.

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