Windshield Repair Cost

How much does windshield repair cost?

The windshield is an essential part of any vehicle and provides essential protection from the elements to those in the car or truck. A cracked or chipped windshield is a regular occurrence as the smallest item of flying debris can damage the glass, and as a result windshield repairs and replacements are very common. Costs vary in relation to the size and severity of the damage and the make and model concerned.

General Cost

• Replacing a windshield can be costly yet can also be a legal requirement as some cracks and chips cannot be repaired. Expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $350 to replace the windshield of your everyday passenger vehicle.
• For SUV’s you can easily add 20% to that figure, and for pickup trucks and similar a further 10% is likely to give you a good idea of what you will pay.
• If you have chips that can be repaired your costs are seriously less – a simple chip can be repaired anywhere from $20 to $50, a more complex one from anything up to $70. Bear in mind that it is usually only cracks and chips that are out of the drivers’ direct line of vision that can be legally repaired.

Extra Cost

• If the seal – the rubber fitment of the screen – is damaged this will need to be replaced also; allow an extra $20 for this as a rule.
• If the windshield wipers have been damaged they, too, will need to be replaced, a cost that can top $50 for larger vehicles.
• Tinted windows or special manufacture glass can add considerable amounts to the costs mentioned here – check if they are needed with the manufacturer.


• Check your insurance carefully – many policies include repairs and sometimes replacement to windscreens.
• Be careful when you see loose road coverings.


• Shop around for local providers with discount offers and other incentives.
• Make sure you get a second opinion if a small chip is deemed to be a cause for replacement – it is worth checking the relevant laws in your state.
• Make sure you are getting direct replacement glass as the exact curvature of the windshield could be vital to the correct fit.
• Try and use a reputable company that specialises in windshield repairs.
• Consider paying the extra for new seals even if the old ones appear to be OK – this can be a wise move in many cases.

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