Babysitter Cost

How much does a babysitter cost?

Having a reliable and trusted babysitter close at hand is something that is a great comfort to mothers everywhere, yet many new mothers are unaware of what it costs to hire a babysitter. With a choice of family friends or professional sitters the difference can be considerable.

General Cost

• The cost of a babysitter will be dependent upon the age and number of children involved and the area in which you live. Expect to pay anywhere between $5 and $20 per hour.
• Experience counts – your child is worth the extra you may pay for an experienced sitter rather than someone fresh to the role.
• City dwellers will pay more for sitters, those far from, the city will pay much less.

Extra Cost

• A child with special needs will require a trained or experienced sitter - make sure you investigate all options and expect to pay above the odds.
• If you are unaware of what you should be paying ask around other mums; this is also a good way of getting to know of respected and trustworthy babysitters.
• Take advantage of any babysitters who have certification and first aid qualifications for added assurance and peace of mind.
• A neighbour’s teenager may be a reliable baby sitter with much experience and will cost less than a certificated adult.


• There are many websites that can offer you help in finding registered or experience sitters in your area. If you are not willing to use other than a trained sitter these are very viable methods of securing the best services.
• An overnight stay may be a good idea if you are going to be particularly late returning. Expect to pay an additional fee of between $25 and $50 for such a service.
• For regular scheduled babysitting it can be possible to agree a discounted rate with the sitter.
• Remember that your babysitter has to get to and from your home; consider the option of picking them up and taking them home or, if they drive, expect to pay a mileage allowance. This also applies if the babysitter is expected to take the children to a location other than your home or, for example, pick them up from school.


• Use the internet wisely to find viable babysitting providers
• Make sure you check on line references and arrange to meet face to face before agreement.

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