Doula Cost

How much does a doula cost?

The Doula, a non-medical assistant who helps a birthing mother to relax and get through the experience, is increasingly becoming part of the birthing process and many who have used a doula during childbirth have reported a great deal less emotional stress than previously. With professional doulas available from a number of sources, it pays to take a look at the costs involved.

General Cost

• Like all such services prices will vary from location to location and with experience.
• A time served and experienced doula can charge up to, and sometimes in excess of $1500.
• Some doulas offer services from as low as $350, but what you get for the service will not be as comprehensive.
• The average charge across the USA is around the $650 mark.
• Any doula should include at least two sessions at home prior to the birth.
• All doula’s should be expected to include telephone consultations as part of the deal.
• A doula will attend the birth itself .
• Your doula should also be prepared to visit once after the birth at home.

Extra Cost

• You will be expected to pay a deposit up front, and it can be as much as 50% of the overall fee.
• Make sure that your doula offers a refund if they cannot attend the birth.
• There are nationwide training courses for professional doula’s – make sure the one you choose is certificated and check out any references.
• Take recommendations from friends, colleagues and families on board.
• Make sure you know exactly what your doula will do for you, and when.


• There are some cases where insurance will reimburse the cost of the doula, although you may find that these are rare.
• In most cases the doula is a privately paid for addition to the birthing process, hence will be paid for out of pocket.


• Use the popular websites - as a well regarded site that offers plenty of information and can source a doula in your area.
• Understand that a doula is not a medical professional, but someone who is there to deal with your emotional comfort.
• Claims for the presence of a doula reducing the labour time and generally smoothing the process are well known, hence it is worth seeking the experiences of others before you commit to what may be a costly experience.

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