Nanny Cost

How much does a nanny cost?

For many working couples the nanny is an essential part of the household, but what should you expect to pay for a good nanny? As with all such services there are many factors to consider, and the cost can vary for a great deal of reasons.

General Cost

• The difference between live-in and live-out nanny costs can be considerable
• Depending upon the circumstances (your location, the nannies experience and responsibilities) you can expect a wage of anywhere from $6 an hour to $20 an hour.
• On average, a nanny earns between $300 and $750 a week across the USA.
• Live in nannies can, in fact, be cheaper than the alternative with the accommodation costs enabling a negotiation for discount, particularly if you are offering an attractive place to live.

Extra Cost

• Given that a nanny is considered an employee you may be required to pay a health insurance plan.
• Work with the nanny to find the most suitable and cost effective one for you both.
• If you do not pay health insurance you should consider a higher salary to compensate.
• Routine dental checkups are also often included.
• You should allow your nanny paid holidays and also factor in a form of sick pay.


• It is not advisable to pay your nanny cash in hand. You are expected to pay taxes as any other employer would and the consequences of being discovered can be considerable.
• There are organisations that can be used to facilitate payroll for domestic servants and nannies, freeing you of the trials and tribulations of the monthly accounts. This could be a very worthwhile added cost.


• Listen to recommendations from friends and colleagues as they may have used a nanny hire service in the past and found them to be favourable, or otherwise – there are many to choose from.
• Always check your nannies references, and carefully. Make sure you see any certification and check it for authenticity. A good, respected nanny will expect you to go through the motions of checking her – or him – out.
• Use viable internet references and companies who can provide you with information on nannies.
• Make sure to interview each applicant prior to agreement.
• Look for local listings that may help in your search to find the perfect nanny for your family needs.

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