Data Recovery Cost

How much does data recovery cost?

Losing your valuable information when your computer suffers a malfunction can be a major problem, but fortunately there are ways and means of recovering most instances of lost data. Data recovery costs will vary depending on the machine, the amount of data lost and the method used, but need not be extortionate in any way.

General Cost

• If the disk is physically damaged it will take more than a software application to recover the information lost. There are several companies that offer recovery services of this type and you can expect to pay at least $200. One well known and recommended service can be found at
• For more complex jobs it is worth seeking out an expert, particularly if the information lost is particularly valuable, and there are many recommendations for the service at Note that companies such as this charge in relation to the size of the hard drive – you can pay $350 for a smaller drive and in excess of $1000 for a major commercial system, and the price will vary thanks to the operating system used.
• If your drive is not damaged and you have lost data then you could be able to use a software package, and these can cost anywhere between $30 and $150. A recommended package is RecoverMyData by StompSoft and is at the lower end of the price range.

Extra Cost

• More complex operating systems may result in added costs – Microsoft tends to be the cheapest as it is the most commonly used.
• Some firms will charge a standing fee for investigation and evaluation, and this may be anywhere from a few dollars to $200 in more complex situations.
• If you ask the company to collect and deliver your hard drive you may be charged a fee.
• Added costs for additional data systems such as USB sticks and such may also be incurred.


• Ask friends and family – someone you know may be experienced in data recovery as many people are trained in the art for their day to day jobs..
• Consider the value of the information you have lost – it may not be worth the outlay in some cases.
• Back up all data regularly on a portable hard drive.


• Shop around for a deal – look for local firms that may offer better rates.
• Try and get an agreed fixed rate rather than an hourly cost.
• Use internet cost comparison sites for advice.

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