Domain Registration Cost

How much does domain registration cost?

These days having a website – whether for personal or business use – is the norm, and with more and more people each year looking to register their own domain there is plenty of opportunity for cost savings. Many people choose to register a domain without using it – saving it for later use or with a view to selling it on – yet the days of high value domains are largely gone. These days it is relatively inexpensive to register a website domain.

General Cost

• The cost of your domain registration will depend on many factors, such as the domain suffix: .com, .org or .net domain name will usually cost less than $7 to register for one year at one of the low cost companies.
• You will find outfits advertising much more expensive costs for more specialised domains, as much as $50 a year in some cases.
• Prices can be reduced for those registering many domains or taking up a longer contract.
• Your domain registration will not necessarily include hosting costs.
• Microsoft Office Live offers free domain registration in certain circumstances.

Extra Cost

• There are few extra costs to consider in registering a domain, yet there can be some that you may be unaware of.
• Web hosting services will be offered by many registrars at an additional cost – anywhere from $4 to $10 a month for one of the basic – and generally adequate – services is the going rate.
• If you wish to capture an existing domain there will be added costs to consider, too.


• Look for discounts for registering more than one domain if it is your intention to do so – you could save some serious money if you have a number of names to register.
• Check with your regular internet provider for any deals.


• Shop around for the very best deal as this is an extremely competitive marketplace.
• Find a company that offers hosting in with the domain name and get your site up and running for a lower fee.
• Be careful of paying over the odds for special deals as there is little difference between one domain registrar and another.
• Use popular and well known names – try Host Monster, Just Host, GoDaddy and iPage, and run an internet search for domain registrars offering discounts.
• Check what is on offer from each – there will be little difference in the domain registration but can be plenty in the hosting package.

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