E-Commerce Website Cost

How much does e-commerce website cost?

Online trading is big business these days with more and more people taking advantage of the low overheads involved, and internet shopping is a popular and convenient method of buying many different types of goods. If you are looking to enter the world of e-commerce you will undoubtedly want a website of your own, and the cost of having one built – or building it yourself – can vary greatly depending on what you need. However, there are methods of saving money that are quite ingenious and secure.

General Cost

• You will need a merchant account – a simple and easy to use version such as Paypal is the easiest and cheapest way to secure one.
• If your product line is simple all you need is a basic shop front website; this can be used to advertise the product or service and accept payments. There are templates available from as little as $20, rising to beyond $200, for an adequate shop front display.
• If you want a full on e-commerce site with shopping carts and all the usual features the most likely way to have one created is to engage a professional web designer to create one to your requirements. The cost for this can be anywhere from $500 for a simple version to many thousands of dollars for a more complex model. As a general rule, $3000 should give you a perfectly acceptable and presentable website that will do the trick for you.

Extra Cost

• The only added costs you are likely to incur are those in which you need something beyond the ordinary – special graphics, say, or bespoke artwork; these additions can change the budget quite considerably.
• Advertising may be needed to get your project off the ground, and this should be budgeted for separately.


• There are options to setting up a website for selling purposes, many of which should b considered as they save great amounts of expenditure.
• One such is to sell via eBay – this is cost effective, and is effectively a shop window hosted for you in a professional manner with a readymade audience.
• With its links to Paypal and other payment methods, eBay is perfectly placed for selling a variety of goods securely and successfully.


• If you do need a website, make sure that you shop around for the best deal as costs can vary considerably between providers.
• Check that the deal you choose offers what you need and a bit more – the more space you have the better.

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