Online Data Backup Cost

How much does online data backup cost?

The advantage of using an online data backup service is that it offers you added security in the case of hardware failure. There are many companies offering services of different kinds, and the costs vary according to the service you choose and the amount of data you need to be stored. It is a growing trend to use data backup services and one worth considering as it can be very cost effective indeed.

General Cost

• The cost of data backup is usually relative to the amount of data that you require, or the space needed across a given time.
• A typical company will offer data storage between 10GB to over 1000GB.
• You will find that different companies price their deals on different time periods: some will offer you back up of 5GB per month – a typical cost being between $4 and $10 – while others will offer you a yearly deal, with a typical cost of $50 to $80 a year.
• Your deal should include automatic back up every 24 hours plus simple recovery routines, as well as certain guarantees of security and protection.

Extra Cost

• Generally there are few additional costs, but services not covered by the overall deal may incur added fees.
• If you have an agreement for retrieval times and want your data quicker than the package offers you may be charged more for the service.
• If you exceed your storage limits then there will likely be additional costs to pay.
• Insurance policies may be included, but may also be at extra cost.


• Look for a deal where you get a discount below certain capacity; some firms offer free storage up to a certain level and only begin charging beyond that point.
• If you have only a small amount of data to store then shop around for a deal that offers a cut price for less than, say, 10GB.


• For larger amounts of data search for an unlimited storage deal – be sure to determine that it really is unlimited, as some have added clauses where you incur costs beyond a set level.
• Use well known names – industry favourites include MediaMax, Xdrive and Moxy, and if you run a search for online data storage you will find many more practitioners of the art.
• Make sure you keep a check on whether your data is being backed up as promised – finding out too late that your agreement is not being carried out can be a major problem.

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