T-1 Internet Connection Cost

How much does t-1 internet connection cost?

The advantage of a T-1 line lies in its speed and efficiency. These lines take information via a hi-tech fiber optic cable system rather than via the standard phone line, and as a result offer greatly improved performance in every single way. Favoured by businesses and people who need a constant high speed connection, costs for a T-1 line can vary depending on the provider, the length of contract and the amount of usage, and as such a general cost is difficult to arrive at.

General Cost

• There are three distinct types of T-1 connection you can buy, and prices vary across all packages and with providers.
• The full T-1 package offers the capability of sending data and voice over the line, and costs for a month can be anywhere between $200 and $1000, with an initial setting up and installation cost that is generally around $200 to $500. Prices will become cheaper if you sign up for a longer contract.
• Burstable T-1 is the next option, and is a system where you pay for your usage as you use it. Your bandwidth will be set with certain options available, and you can expect to pay between $600 and $700 a month depending on the service you require.
• Fractional T-1 limits you to certain standard speeds and rates – as agreed by the provider – and a limited bandwidth, and costs around $400 to $500 per month.
• Your contract deal should include all machinery and installation, and a full service contract.

Extra Cost

• Any additional costs incurred will be for added services such as VoIP and the like.
• You will incur charges if you are on a limited bandwidth deal and exceed the limit.
• Closing a contract early will also incur added charges.


• Decide in advance whether you need to link to a T-1 service as the costs can be extravagant when compared to other types of service option – your needs may not justify the expense.
• Use a reputable line provider – well known companies such as AT&T offer very good deals for new users.


• Shop around for the best deal – run an internet search for T-1 providers in your area.
• Check with your current provider if you are looking to upgrade – there may be a loyalty option that you could take advantage of.

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