Website Design Cost

How much does website design cost?

The website is now as much a part of life as, say, the newspaper or the TV, and every business these days will have one. Many people also have personal websites, and thanks to a rise in popularity and the simplifying of the process designing a website is now within reach of many people. The cost of having a website designed – or investing in the tools to design one yourself – is limited only by how much you want to spend.

General Cost

• It is so that there are many free or very cheap templates for websites available from many different outlets; look to the likes of Microsoft FrontPage and other well known packages for affordable packages, or use a web search for free web design packages.
• There are software packages available that make it simple to design a basic but usable website; from $100 you can get a very decent package from a well known name, and will be able to build a perfectly good website with a little patience.
• If you sign up to a web hosting service – you will need one anyhow – they will most likely include a site builder, and domain registration, in the package; you can buy hosting from around $4 to $6, choose well known names like Host Monster, Just Host and iPage.
• For business users who want a professionally designed specialist website the cost can be anywhere from $500 to several thousand. Be careful that you understand what you are paying for as you may be charged over the odds if you buy something that is beyond your needs.

Extra Cost

• Using one of the free or affordable software packages usually means using a basic template. This will be adequate for most, and any deviation from the standard may incur extra costs.
• Similarly, complex artwork or clever graphics can add greatly to the cost of website design.
• Make sure you have an agreement beforehand and the designer understands what is required.


• Check out the free or cheap approach first – especially if you simply need a personal website for home use.
• Get your hosting and design as one package for a discount.


• Allow for a few spare pages into the design as you will undoubtedly want to add to your website at some point in the future.
• Shop around – competition is fierce and you will find companies playing off each other.
• Use the internet for cost comparison sites.

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