Website Hosting Cost

How much does website hosting cost?

With websites being almost ubiquitous these days there is much competition in the website hosting world, and costs – as a result – are surprisingly low. Whereas this was once a specialist area with few competitors it is now an everyday business with a great deal of players in the market, and your hosting cost will vary only according to the hosts costs, what they provide as part of the deal and what you are willing to pay.

General Cost

• You can find a basic hosting package for just a few dollars these days, and from a reputable and recommended brand. A figure of $4 is generally the norm – that is per month – but there may be cheaper deals on the market and most certainly will be more expensive ones.
• You will pay for the amount of bandwidth and disk space you wish to use each month; some companies limit users to, say, 50mb of disk space and 5GB of traffic – the typical allowance for your $4 deal – but for just a few dollars more you may find a deal with unlimited bandwidth.
• If you need a merchant account you will pay more – typically around $30 a month – and this should include, at that price, a reseller account without any doubt at all.
• For business users that need a dedicated server the costs can rise to anywhere between $80 and $1000 a month depending on the service required.
• Small business users can take advantage of offers by such as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft and use free hosting services provided with their tools packages.

Extra Cost

• If you agree to a limited bandwidth deal you will pay extra if you exceed it.
• Full shopping and merchant facilities may be extra in cheaper deals
• Your package should include domain registration – check how many domains are included in the price as extra ones could incur charges.


• As this is one of the busiest markets in the industry shopping around is essential. Run an internet search for cost comparison websites and use the information provided.
• Make sure you are not paying over the odds for a deal that provides more than you need.
• Conversely, think about the future – you may wish to expand quickly and use more bandwidth.


• Check out well known names such as Host Monster, Fat Cow, iPage, Just Host and Host Clear – just a few among a great many choices.
• Ask directly for discounted options
• Use the many internet cost comparison sites – try for instance.

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