Dental Hygienist School Cost

How much does dental hygienist school cost?

The work of a dental hygienist is something that has great importance to us all, and for those who choose to study the subject with a view to future employment there is much to consider. In general, the dental hygienist qualifies by way of a degree and there are differences between those available. There may also be differences between the tuition fees involved, which can vary due to the location of the college and the degree in question.

General Cost

• Costs for a dental hygiene degree are very much in line with those for other bachelors or associate degrees – the latter is the full four year course, the former a two year part qualification.
• On average, the two year course will cost around $5000, with the four year bachelor’s degree costing a total of $25,000.
• As these are averages it is important to remember they can vary greatly from location to location, with some charging considerably more.
• The reputation of the college, and the prestige of its location, will add to the costs involved.
• The fees quoted are also for in-state students – those from elsewhere can expect to pay double the quotes figures.

Extra Cost

• Extra costs start with accommodation which will, of course, vary between different towns and states. For more prestigious addressed you can expect to have to pay considerably more – contact the colleges advice centre for information on campus rates and other options.
• Dental hygienists need to pass a required test in order to be allowed to practice and the fee for this stands at around $1000.
• Books will be required for study purposes and can cost around $1500 in the first year, less in the following years.
• There is also essential equipment to be purchased which can cost as much as $3000 over the entire study period.
• Insurance should also be factored into the cost of study as in some colleges it is a mandatory requirement.


• Check the information on possible financial aid – fill in the required form at to determine your eligibility.
• Visit the website of the American Dental Hygienists Association to see if you may qualify for one of their scholarships.


• Consider buying second hand books from students who have just qualified or are ahead of you in the programme.
• Weigh up the tuition fees against the accommodation costs – you may find paying a little more in a less expansive region saves money.

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