Dentistry School Cost

How much does dentistry school cost?

For many who pursue the science of dentistry the over-riding problem can be the cost of tuition. Dentistry school costs vary greatly – according to their status, the level of the course and the location of the school itself – and the added costs of studying for a subject that, by its very nature, takes several years can be considerable.

General Cost

• Most applicants for dentistry school now come armed with a bachelor’s degree – this is not a requirement but in the face of major competition does stand one in good stead.
• Costs can vary considerably so finding a general cost is somewhat difficult; if you are studying at a university you can expect to pay, per year, as little as $6,000 to as much as $35,000 depending on the college concerned.
• Non resident students can look to double those figures.
• Private dental schools are an option and fees range between $17,000 to over $70000 for a year’s study. There are many private study centres across the USA and some are very highly regarded in the industry.
• All costs are per year and the course is generally over four complete years of study.

Extra Cost

• There will be considerable extra costs incurred, especially if studying away from home.
• Accommodation will be the biggest single expense with costs varying between location – expect on campus room and board to cost anywhere between $10000 and $40000 per year depending on the location, with major centres such as New York and LA among the most expensive.
• There are essential software packages that all dental students need and the computer to run them on and these can cost up to $2000 – including the computer.
• Books and materials will also come to a heavy price – allow at least $12000 over the course of study.
• Insurance is something that must be considered, and will differ according to location and policy.


• Consider your options carefully – it may be worth paying more in course fees in a cheaper area to live.
• Consider buying second hand books and equipment no longer needed by higher level students or those who have finished study.


• Look into the subject of financial aid for students very carefully – you may qualify for grants, loans or even a scholarship.
• Remember that the outlay leads to a very lucrative career – be careful in racking up any needless expense in the early years.
• Use the internet carefully – there is much useful information to be had.

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