MA in Architecture Cost

How much does a ma in architecture cost?

Architecture is a popular area of the arts for many and can be a constructive and rewarding career. To operate as an architect it is essential that you hold an MA in Architecture as well as the requisite industry qualifications, and the costs associated with the degree can vary – generally in relation to the location or stature of the college concerned.

General Cost

• It is difficult to put an average cost on the degree as there are a number of ways of studying for it, and because different colleges charge varied fees.
• Nevertheless, it is safe to say that a public university will charge an average of $7000 – per semester – and a private school around $18000. As these are average costs bear in mind that there will be many lower, and many higher.
• It is possible to qualify in two years if you have a pre-architecture degree; for students with a non-architecture related degree the course will be at least three years.
• Consider that top universities carry the highest fees – the highly regarded MIT, for instance, will be around $40000 for an academic year.
• Check out for excellent information on both careers in architecture and studying for the relevant qualifications.

Extra Cost

• Accommodation will be a major facto and will vary between colleges. Consider that the more prestigious colleges, and locations, will naturally feature higher living costs. For the record, board for a year will – as an average – cost around $8000 for an on campus accommodation deal.
• Books and other essential study materials make up another additional cost, with a figure of $1500 yearly being the top line for students of architecture.
• Insurance is a must at universities – both in terms of health insurance and possessions – and on average can add in the region of $1000 a year to expenditure.
• You will need to pay to sit the relevant entrance exam, and this will carry a set fee of $140.


• Choose wisely – studying at MIT may carry great gravitas but it is expensive.
• There may be a case for federal financial assistance – check with the advice centre for details.


• There are many scholarships in the field of architecture – check for details of the many on offer.
• Consider buying cheap second hand books from students who have already qualified or are ahead of you in the study cycle.

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