Makeup Artist School Cost

How much does makeup artist school cost?

Working in the movie industry is a dream that many of us have, but there is much more to it than being the one behind the camera. Consider the role of the makeup artist, an essential part of any crew and an individual with a skill that is an art form in itself. The cost of makeup artist training can differ due to the depth of intensity of the course and where you choose to study.

General Cost

• There are university style courses in the subject that may offer the most cost effective method of training to be a makeup artist; check out MUD - – for an excellent course that is well regarded in the industry and costs around $11,000, covering a wide range of tuition that can lead to a variety of positions.
• The El School of Professional makeup - - also offers a well regarded 12 month course that costs just under $13,000.
• Private courses are available at a number of other well regarded private institutions and costs range from around $7000 to in excess of $20,000 for more comprehensive courses.
• Many universities offer courses in the performing arts and other areas associated that may include a makeup artist’s option.

Extra Cost

• Accommodation will be necessary if studying away from home, and as the school is likely to be private will be by way of private lets. Check the area concerned for standard likely rates.
• In some states a makeup artist needs to be licensed – check out local legislation or ask your school for information on costs that will be incurred.
• Insurance is a must for anyone looking to practice the art, and different policies will incur different levels of expenditure.


• Make sure that any course you consider includes at least the basics of the makeup artist’s art, and extends to specialist tuition in any areas you may be particularly interested in.
• Check out the equipment needed – some courses supply it but others may require you to provide your own kit.


• Make sure you consider all options of financial aid – some courses, and some people, are entitled to financial help when looking to further education – it may depend on the state and the course, and the institution.
• Make sure you shop around for the best course and the most cost effective deal – especially if you are flexible in where you are prepared to study. Use the internet for comparison searches.

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