Medical School Cost

How much does medical school cost?

With the numbers of people choosing to go to medical school all the time it is worth having a look at the variations in tuition fees. These costs can vary considerably for a number of reasons, mainly due to the reputation of the college and its location, and there is also the option of studying at a private medical school rather than a state university.

General Cost

• The average cost of tuition at public medical school is around $17000 for a year.
• This varies across the states with fees from as little as $10000 upwards.
• Non-resident students can expect to pay twice these rates and a little more.
• Private medical school costs average around $35,000 with the lowest at around $10000 and the highest considerably in excess of that figure.
• Among the most expensive is the University of Colorado, while East Carolina University comes in at the lower end of the market.

Extra Cost

• Given the nature of the subject and the length of study time there will be a number of added costs over the stated tuition fees.
• Accommodation will be a major factor, with students paying anywhere between $5000 and $12000 a year for on campus bed and board.
• Books and materials will also add considerably to the cost – expect to pay at least $3000 over the four year period, perhaps somewhat more in some cases.
• Insurance is essential – both health insurance and otherwise – and will vary with each case.
• There are also licensing fees to be paid which are legal requirements – these can vary between $1500 and $4000 depending on the school and the state, and whether you have residential status or not.


• Check the cost of living alongside the cost of the course – it may be prurient to pay higher course fees yet live in a cheaper area.
• Look carefully into the possibility of financial aid – your college advice centre will help you and there are many websites that will give you such information.


• Grants and loans, plus scholarships, are available to some students in the medical profession.
• Consider buying second hand books from students in the years above.
• Keep accommodation costs down by sharing a house with other medical students – a popular choice that is a decent alternative to the campus option.

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