Nursing School Cost

How much does nursing school cost?

Nursing is a rewarding career that many people choose to follow with great success, and the fact that it is achieved by taking a university degree means it is a relatively inexpensive career to study for. Some people choose to qualify by way of a bachelor’s degree in nursing while others opt for an associated degree, and the costs vary generally between locations and institutions.

General Cost

• Costs for studying nursing are in line with most other similar types of degree
• The cost of a four year degree course at a public university or college works out around $20000 for the four year course.
• Non-resident students can expect to pay double that cost.
• That figure is an average across the country, and there are many institutions charging less, and several charging considerably more.
• There are also community college degrees that are slightly cheaper than the university version, although not to a degree that is really notable.

Extra Cost

• Naturally, it is accommodation that is the major expenditure in addition to the tuition costs, and this can vary greatly from place to place.
• Check with the college’s advice centre for details of the on campus accommodation and for other options in the area.
• You will pay more in major locations than you will in less popular places.
• The pre-requisite nurses exams fees work out at around $200.
• Uniforms are relatively inexpensive at an average of $250.
• One major expense is in the books and equipment needed across the four years of study, with anywhere between $6000 and $12000 across the four years a possible figure.
• Insurance is also a major consideration and will vary with each individual – check with the college for requirements and costs.


• Buying books second hand from students who no longer need them can be a sensible way of saving money.
• Sharing accommodation in a rented house can also work out quite cheaply.
• Check the status of financial aid for your circumstances – you may qualify for federal grants or loans, or even scholarship awards.


• Look into the work study schemes that many institutions offer
• Useful websites are where information on scholarships can be found and for work study cases.
• Make sure all your insurance is up to date and adequate or you may face unwanted expenditure.

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