Home Theater Cost

How much does a home theater cost?

In recent years advances in technology have made the cost of a home theater within reach of just about anyone, yet there are still many different models and types to choose from and, as a result, some great variations in price. Your costs will vary according to the size and capability of the system as well as the quality and size.

General Cost

• The market is split into three tiers – the low end models, mid range versions and high end theater systems, and the costs across each can vary greatly.
• A typical low end system, suitable for any living room and with the ability to show decent quality with good audio systems, will cost at least $600 and can be as much as twice that amount.
• When looking at mid range systems, with higher definition and generally better audio such as surround sound, you should expect to spend at least $1500 and in some cases the cost could be upwards of $2000.
• For the very best systems, those that are genuine theater systems with top quality resolution and the very best audio, your cost will be anywhere between $4000 and $10000, depending on the level of quality you wish to achieve.

Extra Cost

• You will need to factor in the quality of the screen you require, or you can show films on a white painted wall. Naturally, the dedicated screen offers better performance, and one can be had for as little as $150 or as much as $5000 for the best possible results.
• Your projector bulb will – like a regular light bulb – require replacement on a regular basis, say every few thousand hours of use, and will cost between $80 to $400 depending on the type.
• If you have a dedicated theater room you may want your system installed and the projector professionally mounted – add an extra $250 at least for this service.


• Saving money on home theater systems is not that easy as they are set cost items; however, you may be able to negotiate a discount on an ex display or demonstration model – a little haggling is worth the effort.
• Buy only what you need – if you are watching just the occasional film here and there the low end model will do the trick.
• Make sure your system comes with a full warranty – projectors, in particular, can be temperamental.


• Check internet reviews sites for recommended systems and places to buy
• Always ask at the store for a discount for cash.
• If you order on line, pick up rather than have it delivered if you can.

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