Phone Line Cost

How much does a phone line cost?

While the cell phone is becoming the chosen form of communication for many, the land line telephone is still an essential item in the home. With access to a landline all the time the emergency services are close at hand, and it is useful to have a phone line for broadband and other services. So what will a landline cost? The answer can vary depending on provider, usage and location.

General Cost

• For the basic, simple home line you should pay around $15 to $30 per month for line rental. This should include all local calls.
• You can invest in a premium package if you wish – for anything between $40 and $80 – that will include a long distance calling allowance as well as added features such as call waiting and caller identification.
• For business users there are packages from around $20 that are very much tailored to the small business.
• You can get a package that includes broadband internet for a small added fee to most deals.

Extra Cost

• With a basic service you will expect to pay an additional fee for caller ID, call waiting and other services. This varies between a couple of dollars to $10 a month depending on the provider and the package.
• Long distance calls will cost extra if you do not have them factored into your package, and this includes non-local national calls, too.
• Taxes on phone lines vary from state to state but should never amount to anything more than a few dollars.
• You will need a telephone – there are many models on the market from a few dollars to as much as $150 for more sophisticated devices with several handsets and a central hub.
• Broadband costs will be extra – see your provider’s tariff for an idea of the cost per month, and look for an all inclusive package for a discounted price.


• If your primary phone is your cell then go for the most basic package and use it only for emergencies – the cheapest line, handset and package will do the job.


• Shop around providers – you may find a better offer with someone else.
• Look for discounted packages that offer broadband and voice calling in the deal.
• Make sure you understand what you are paying for – check the small print and ensure you have full understanding of the deal involved.

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