Smartphone Cost

How much does a smartphone cost?

The rise in popularity of the smartphone has led to a vast increase in the number of models, yet there are the set market leaders as you would expect with every area of consumer electronics. With many fantastic applications and functions raising the humble cell phone into a new area of the market, the smartphone has become the must have accessory for many, and yet prices will vary depending on the make, model and network that you choose.

General Cost

• The market leader – undisputed in many ways – is the iPhone, a device that has changed the face of telecommunications, and you can get the base model for under $200 – look to AT&T as the network provider.
• T-Mobile introduced the G1 in conjunction with Google and it operates the Google designed Android system. It is available for similar costs to the iPhone and is favoured by many.
• The Blackberry has become the business phone of choice, and you can have a Storm – the company’s best smartphone model – for the same sort of cost as the above two.
• HTC has a range of very impressive smartphones that are typified by the Fuze, a stylish model that starts at a price of $299.
• There are many other models, makes and styles that may suit your needs, and the market is one of the most hotly contested in the business so you stand to find a bargain if you make the right enquiries.

Extra Cost

• The above are handset costs only – you will need to subscribe to a contract with the network provider in order to make use of the line connections and other facilities.
• If you use your phone on the move you may want to invest in a battery charger for the car.
• Applications that you download for use may cost extra – these will generally be a few dollars, and no more, and in some cases are free.
• Insurance is a sensible option as smartphones are popular targets for thieves.


• Look for – there are few areas of consumer gadgetry as hotly contested as the smartphone market.
• Consider a longer contract for a discounted price.
• Make sure you use all the security features so that thieves cannot run up costs on your handset.


• Look for packages offering free minutes and messages, and other useful money saving incentives.
• Ask your current provider for their best deal.

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