Streaming Movies Cost

How much does streaming movies cost?

For movie lovers there is a method of getting the film you want with added convenience and ease – streaming movies, a method made possible by the use of a home computer and a broadband line, and thanks to two of the major players in the video rental business. You can choose between the providers – both Blockbuster and Netflix offer the service – and whether to display the film on a TV or computer, and the cost varies depending on the service chosen.

General Cost

• Both services require the purchase of a device that makes it capable; at Netflix – see - you need to purchase a ‘Netflix ready device’. There are a number of options, and the basic model is a digital video player that costs $99.
• Blockbuster requires you to rent 25 movies – costing $99 – and then the media player is free. Note that both devices are needed to watch movies on a TV – on a computer streaming is possible without the device.
• Rental plans differ between the two, with Netflix costing $8.99 per month - an unlimited plan – and Blockbuster requiring no extra for the 25 movies but $1.99 for extra movies beyond that to be streamed to the media player.
• You also need to download a software package, but this should be free.

Extra Cost

• For those who do not wish to watch on a computer or TV there are added options: for Xbox owners a $40 a year subscription allows you to watch streamed movies on the console.
• Those wishing to see higher definition may wish to consider Blu-Ray – for as little as $300 compatible machines can be found.
• An HD TV is a popular addition to the movie buffs home, as is a home theater; look to pay $1500 for the former and similar and above for quality models of theater systems.


• Look for special offers – Netflix often offers a free trial while Blockbuster can offer discounts on older films.
• Consider buying the media player direct from the makers – see for the Netflix version.


• Look for discounts on demonstration model theaters, TV’s and Blu-Ray players.
• Make sure you are going to use the movie allowance on either deal – it is money wasted if not utilised.
• Choose your option carefully – one provider may have a choice that is more suited to you than the alternative.

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