VoIP Cost

How much does voip cost?

Many people are getting to grips with internet telephone – known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol – and taking advantage of what can be considerable cost savings on traditional telephony. The system is simple to use and will gain in popularity in the years to come, so what does it cost to use an internet phone service?

General Cost

• The idea of internet telephone is that it uses the internet connection as a phone line. To this end the major cost is in the equipment needed. The majority of us already have a home computer or laptop, and this is perfectly adequate – assuming a broadband connection is already in place. For the record, a decent and usable home computer can be yours for just a few hundred dollars, and a broadband connection for a few dollars a month.
• Some internet phone call are free; Skype is the major provider in the industry and offers a range of packages with affordable subscription where calls thereafter are free, and for non subscribers calls can cost as little as a couple of cents per minute.
• There are ways to operate VoIP without a computer, by way of using a USB phone jack. You subscribe to a provider – Skype is again the recommended one – and for a subscription of around $15 to $30 yearly are provided with a device that means a standard home phone can be used as an internet telephone. The call rental is then charged at around $5 monthly.

Extra Cost

• As we have said, the system needs – usually – a computer with microphone and speakers, and a broadband connection. You can also buy headsets for use with the system that offer better sound and voice.
• International calls will incur greater costs – you may pay up to $2 per minute for some, yet others can only be a couple of cents – check with Skype for details.
• Taxes are additional on phone lines and VoIP is no exception.
• Upgrading your broadband to a high speed line may be necessary, although most areas now run with adequate connections.


• Your modern laptop or PC will most likely have a built in microphone and speakers – check to see.
• Do consider Skype over others – it is the market leading and most impressive version of the genre.


• Don’t pay over the odds – pay only what Skype charges, and no more.
• Look for deals that are allied to your internet provider; run a web search for comparison.

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