Tax Attorney Cost

How much does a tax attorney cost?

Using a tax attorney to keep on top of all taxation issues, and in conjunction with dealing with the IRS, is something that we all have to consider at some point. The tax attorney is an expert in all thins taxation and can help with inheritance and gifts, income and property taxes, and will also help when dealing with complex issues such as overseas taxation and earnings. The cost of a tax attorney will vary greatly between location, and according to the details of the claim involved.

General Cost

• Usually a tax attorney will charge an hourly rate although there can be fixed fees for such as initial consultations and specially prescribed actions.
• Across the country the hourly fee charged by a tax attorney varies between $200 and $500, with more expensive fees in more lucrative and expensive regions.
• The cost of the job in hand will be commensurate to what is involved; a simple tax matter may be sorted in a couple of hours, a more complex affair may take several weeks of work.
• Research has found that the average fee for a simple tax dispute is around $2500, with more complex cases weighing in at several times that.
• Make sure you understand the retainer system – you pay in advance a fee that the attorney believes will cover the job and the hourly increments are taken out of the retainer at the end.

Extra Cost

• Quite clearly, bigger jobs will require greater payments, and any job that encounters difficulty along the way may exceed the original retainer cost.
• Any additional paperwork or consultations that become necessary may be party to additional costs.


• Low income earners may be eligible to financial aid or discounts for legal representation – check with for regional details.
• You may also be subject to reduced costs from the legal aid system – check with local authorities.
• Make sure your attorney is up to date with recent changes – which happen all the time – in the law.


• Check a number of attorneys for their fixed rates.
• to find qualified and licensed attorneys in your area.
• Ask around friends and family for advice and ideas.

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