Drum Set Cost

How much does a drum set cost?

Learning to play the drums is something that many a young man – and woman – wants to do and can be a great way of letting off steam as well as excellent for rhythm and coordination. With so many different makers, models and set ups available it is worth bearing in mind that the price of a set is just about impossible to name, and depends upon a number of varying factors.

General Cost

• A beginners kit can be had for as little as $200, yet this will be a limited set up that will not have much life in it.
• As you will find you are adding bits to such a cheap beginner’s kit it is best to look at the more complete sets that are available from around $500.
• Beginner’s kits can cost as much as $1500 but at that price you are looking at some fairly decent full size kits too.
• For kids you can get a decent kit for around the $200 mark.
• Professional style kits begin at around $1500 and can cost anywhere in excess of $10,000 for a full set up.
• Practice pads are a great idea for those looking to learn seriously and are very cheap at no more than $20; however, they are not much fun!
• Your kit may not come complete with cymbals which are often an aftermarket addition.

Extra Cost

• Cymbals, as mentioned, are a surprise extra cost with most drum kits and can cost between $100 to $1000 for a set depending on the quality and number required.
• Sticks are a cheap yet essential part of the deal, with sets coming in at around $5.
• Heads and skins take a great deal of beating in their lifetime and will need replacing at a cost of around $100 or more, and you will also need a stool that may cost anywhere from $50 upwards.
• Your bass pedal will also need replacement at times and may cost around $4100.


• Remember that professional tuition will add to the cost and can be time consuming.
• Make sure you have the right place for a drum kit – one can be very very loud indeed and not exactly conducive to being a good neighbour!


• Consider buying a second hand quality set and replacing the heads and skins.
• Look for discounted demonstration models in shops.
• Use the internet to search for cheap online deals.

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