Golf Lessons Cost

How much does golf lessons cost?

As one of the most popular participation sports in the world golf is widely loved by many, and the pace of the game, skills involved and the art of technique are all useful in terms of exercise and fitness. Golf lessons will vary in price depending upon where you take them, to what level, and the skill and experience of the tutor.

General Cost

• You will pay anything between $50 and $100 for lessons at a beginner’s level, depending upon the teacher and the geographical location.
• A typical lesson will last between half an hour and 45 minutes, and will concentrate upon a particular aspect of the technique.
• Booking a block of lessons at one time can enable a discount to be achieved – many professional teachers offer discounts for people booking five or more lessons in one go.
• Children’s lessons may cost less, but it is worth checking with your local club for the tariff of charges applicable in each case.
• Make sure your tutor is a PGA trained golfer for the assurance of the correct methods.

Extra Cost

• Many people like to invest in DVD guides to playing, and these can be as much as $50 or as little as $10.
• There are many books by professionals on the techniques involved in golfing, and these can cost anything up to $50.
• You will need the correct equipment – choose a set of clubs that will not need replacing very quickly; beginners sets are all very well but they will soon become out of date. You can spend anywhere from $200 to many thousands on a decent set of golf clubs.
• There is a great deal of etiquette involved in golf – the right clothing makes the right impression and may be a requirement of some clubs.
• If you are looking for club membership, run a web search for local clubs and make enquiries about membership costs.


• Don’t join a club until you are certain that you are keen on playing golf – it can be expensive.
• Play practice rounds with friends or family who know you are a novice and will offer you on the course advice.
• Ask at your local sports club for advice, too.


• An internet search for local golf tuition schemes should give you a good selection of options – try the PGA website at and the very useful for some excellent directories of clubs and tutors.

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