Guitar Lessons Cost

How much does guitar lessons cost?

Learning to play guitar may best be done with expert tuition. It is simple to teach yourself the basics using one of the many books or DVD’s yet the more complex routines can only be taught by someone with experience. The cost of guitar lessons can vary greatly between locations and thanks to the type and set up of the lesson, let alone the number of lessons required.

General Cost

• It is difficult to put a figure on the cost of a guitar lesson but a one to one professional tutorial should cost between $15 and $50 per hour, this dependent on the experience and skill of the tutor and the content of the lesson.
• Advanced lessons, in which those who can play the basics are taught more in depth playing, can cost in excess of $75 per hour and are worth considering if you are looking to advance.
• The option of group lessons is one that many people prefer, and these can be had for less than $100 a month with that month featuring on average four sessions and aiming to meet a qualification.
• Books, DVD’s and online tuition are all available and can cost a few dollars.
• In general, the best way to learn is with the use of both books and visual aids coupled with a series of lessons with a professional.

Extra Cost

• The guitar and accessories are the main expenditure – a basic beginner’s model can cost as little as $100 although it is sometimes advised to go for something with a touch more quality that will not become quickly outdated.
• Books with songs in may cost between $25 and $100 and the number that an individual wishes to purchase depends entirely upon them.
• A decent tuning device is also a worthwhile investment – at around $50 – as is a music stand for use when practising.


• Choose an acoustic guitar to learn on – either nylon or steel string; many people yearn to play an electric guitar yet the acoustic, in general, requires greater skill – handle an acoustic and an electric is second nature.
• Practice regularly without interruption and follow any routines the tutor recommends.
• Don’t expect to be able to play immediately – some people find the basics more difficult to master than others. ]
• Treat your guitar with care and make sure it is kept clean and in good order.


• Online deals offer a great opportunity for saving money.
• Use the internet to compare prices.
• In store, look for discounts for display models or for cash.
• Consider second hand – you can find some very good deals.

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