Metalsmith Jewelry Cost

How much does metalsmith jewelry cost?

The art of making jewelry is one that many people love to learn, and when it comes to being a metalsmith there is nothing more satisfying than creating your own pieces and designs from precious or standard metals. Costs vary due to the skill involved, the metal used and the very wide choice of areas in which you wish to practice, so putting a general cost on it is difficult.

General Cost

• You will need the basic jewelry makers tool set, and this can cost anywhere from $100 to in excess of $300. You will need all the tools required and an appropriate box – have a look at for an example of a basic kit for around $200.
• The cost of the metals involved is the major point to be aware of; as the price of precious metals varies greatly with the world market you can pay varying amounts each time you purchase, depending on the frequency you buy.
• A simple pendant may cost anywhere up to $100 in silver, or seven to ten times that in gold depending on the weight.
• Learning the art is something that you will need to consider – courses are available at a number of different levels and at various places for anywhere between $100 and $500.

Extra Cost

• Books and tuition tools may cost you an added $50 to $100 depending on what you wish to purchase.
• Extra materials per item will be an added cost – chains and links for example.
• If you plan to use precious stones these will also be extra.


• Make sure your course includes machinery operation and safety as well as basic techniques.
• Seek advice from the internet – there are many websites that offer information.
• Join local clubs – see colleges and community centres for advice on where to join.
• Look to specialist jewelry schools for possible courses – check out for advice and information.


• Use the website for gaining information.
• Compare the costs of suppliers of both tools and materials by running an internet search for cost comparison sites.
• Keep an eye on local auctions and online auction sites for gold and silver items that may sell cheap and make a decent saving on the current exchange price.
• Use online auction sites and the like to sell your pieces, and attend local fairs for further exposure.

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