Piano Lessons Cost

How much does piano lessons cost?

Learning the piano is something that many young people choose to do and can be a great way of introducing the ideas of rhythm and timing. The cost of Piano Lessons can vary greatly between tutors and the length of lessons involved.

General Cost

• A lesson will generally last half an hour and will cost anywhere between $20 to $40, this being dependent upon the skill of the teacher and where the lesson takes place.
• More in depth lessons may cost up to twice the mentioned fee as the teacher offers greater and more skilful advice.
• Group lessons can cost less and may be a way of saving money.
• A tutor who comes to your home to teach may charge a reduced fee, especially in less populated areas.
• There may be local school music teacher that offer tuition and these could be a sensible option.

Extra Cost

• Added costs can include tuition DVD’s that may cost up to $30.
• Books for beginners typically cost around the $10 mark, and there will be the need to buy more detailed books as teaching progresses with a figure of around $100 a year not unusual.
• If you do not have a piano this may be a major expense – look to at least a few hundred dollars for a standard model.
• Think of travelling costs to and from the lesson – several miles for half an hour may not be cost effective.


• Ask around friends and family for good recommendations – a teacher who you know may be a sensible choice.
• Check with schools and colleges for their participation in lessons and what they can offer out of hours.
• Look at pianoeducation.org, a very useful website that offers much advice and information.
• Allow practice to be carried out uninterrupted and without undue attention from family members.
• Make sure you do not try and run before you can walk – learning the piano is a time consuming exercise.


• For youngsters the first place to look is the local school, community centre or college, as there are likely to be special deals available for local people.
• Use the internet to search for local providers and compare rates.
• Check local listings pages in newspapers for adverts.
• Ask around the neighbourhood – you may know someone who knows someone!

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