Scrapbooking Cost

How much does scrapbooking cost?

The trend for scrapbooking is one that stems from our love of collecting, and while the traditional photo album is often seen as the main rival to this engaging and enriching art there is no doubt that the computer enhanced scrapbook is very much the way to go. Costs will vary depending entirely on what you want to do and how far you wish to go, making a general cost something that is very difficult to arrive at.

General Cost

• For basic scrapbooking you will need that standard supplies, as listed: Scissors - $5, Albums - $3 to $5, Adhesives - $2, Paper – up to $5 and Stickers – up to $5. These are the very basics of scrapbooking, and what you decide to add beyond that is up to you. You may wish to use punches and other devices, all of which will be additional costs.
• The computer method relies on using programs to create often elaborate pages; these will cost anywhere between $10 and $100, but there are very advanced artwork programs that can cost several times these amounts and are only for the seriously dedicated.
• You will need a computer, a scanner and printer, too – allow $400 for a decent laptop, a scanner and printer can be found as one device for $60 or less.

Extra Cost

• You may wish to take tuition in which case there are many scrapbooking courses you can follow for a few dollars a session
• Pens, adhesive and books are all expandable and will require replacement.
• Books and DVD’s on scrapbooking can be bought from a few dollars to anywhere up to $50.


• Start at the beginning – begin by upgrading a basic photo album with adornments.
• Join a club with likeminded scrapbookers for ideas
• Start with a theme – this is a great way of getting the right inspiration.
• Don’t be afraid to experiment – you never know if something will work until you try it.


• Check out the likes of magazine for ideas and inspiration and keep up to date with the latest trends.
• Creative Memories is a major supplier of items for the scrapbooking community.
• Use second hand and discarded items in your scrapbook for great effect – remember that anything can be used, it’s your scrapbook!

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