Violin Lessons Cost

How much does violin lessons cost?

The violin is a popular instrument for young people to learn as it teaches a great deal about rhythm and movement. It is also a relatively affordable instrument to purchase, meaning it makes sense for families looking to educate their children in music. However, the cost of violin lessons can vary considerably, not least according to the skill and experience of the tutor involved.

General Cost

• Lessons are priced by the half hour and tend to last that long – most teachers will charge between $20 and $40 per half hour, depending on the teacher.
• More in depth lessons may cost over $100 as the teacher offers greater and more skilful advice.
• Group lessons can cost less and may be a way of saving money.
• A tutor who comes to your home to teach may charge a reduced fee, especially in less populated areas.
• There may be local school music teacher that offer tuition and these could be a sensible option.

Extra Cost

• Added costs can include tuition DVD’s that may cost up to $30.
• Books for beginners typically cost around the $20 mark, and there will be the need to buy more detailed books as teaching progresses with a figure of around $100 a year not unusual.
• If you do not have a Violin the instruments themselves need to be purchased, and a good beginner’s model will be around $100.
• Added incentives such as recitals and exams may cost anywhere between $20 and $200.


• Ask around friends and family for good recommendations – a teacher who you know may be a sensible choice.
• Check with schools and colleges for their participation in lessons and what they can offer out of hours.
• Allow practice to be carried out uninterrupted and without undue attention from family members.
• Make sure you do not try and run before you can walk – learning the violin is a time consuming exercise.


• For youngsters the first place to look is the local school, community centre or college, as there are likely to be special deals available for local people.
• Use the internet to search for local providers and compare rates, and check the Music Teacher National Association for help and information.
• Check local listings pages in newspapers for adverts.
• The best place to find teachers may be at your local music store.

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