Bamboo Flooring Cost

How much does bamboo flooring cost?

A relatively new innovation, the trend for fitting bamboo flooring in homes is growing as people recognise the ecologically sound benefits of this attractive method of covering a floor. With many different providers in the market and much to choose from, there is little surprise that costs can vary considerably between suppliers and customer’s needs.

General Cost

• Bamboo flooring comes in different types – you can buy engineered flooring tiles or natural, unfinished solid planks.
• You will pay, in a typical price, around $2.50 per square foot for the materials – remember that this is an average and can vary.
• That amounts to a price of around $500 for a 200 square foot room.
• On top of this you will need to account for fitting, which will cost anywhere from $3 to $6 a square foot.
• The above prices are for the basic, cheapest level bamboo flooring – you can double the square foot cost for higher quality materials and go far beyond that for the very best, highest quality engineered material.
• No matter the quality of the wood, the fitting will remain around the same price.

Extra Cost

• You will need to invest in new baseboards in most cases in order to enjoy the best results – this can be as much as the cheapest bamboo flooring itself in square foot terms.
• Any additional finishing will be added to the cost, and there may be surcharges for larger than average or complex shaped rooms.


• The cheapest flooring may be the most cost effective but you should expect a degree of colour variation as it will be a mix of sources.
• Paying a little more for the more expensive wood can result in a more evenly matched floor.
• You will have to pay more for darker colours as they are typically at the more expensive end of the market.
• Consider fitting the floor yourself – two men who are handy with tools can easily fit a floor with a little care, and there is plenty of information on the internet that will help you achieve the best effect.


• Use the internet to search for local companies and to compare like for like prices – get a few quotes from suppliers for the same item and choose the best deal.
• Make sure your deal includes fitting.
• Have the sizes of different rooms ready for like for like quotes.

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