Boiler Cost

How much does a boiler cost?

An essential item in any home, a boiler is not an item that will last forever. Boilers do break and have a finite life, and replacing one can be an expensive – if essential – process. Needless to say, with many different models, types and makers on the market – let alone a myriad of choices when it comes to finding someone to do the job – the cost of replacing a boiler can vary considerably.

General Cost

• In general, a standard boiler should cost no more than $4000 to buy and have fitted, and there are examples as low as $2000.
• For a more expensive and higher powered boiler you can expect to pay around $5000 to $10000 depending on the requirements of the system.
• The job should include removal of the old boiler and the installation of the new one, plus all the checks to make sure your heating system is running after the job is completed.
• There are legal requirements with fitting boilers that vary with location – check with your local authority for any special requirements.

Extra Cost

• Where there is a chimney concerned a new liner may be required when fitting a replacement boiler; budge between $700 and $1200 extra if this is the case, and have your installer check the regulations.
• Fire inspection may be required by some councils – this will cost in the region of $50 to $100.
• Any more complex jobs such as replacing an older heating system with a more modern one will naturally carry additional costs.


• Make sure you are getting a system that is relevant to the size and style of your house – even the most modern boiler will not be efficient if a system is too big, or too small, for its design.
• There are discounts available for those who buy more efficient boilers – see for details of credits available.
• Make sure you get a full warranty with your new boiler – the longer the better.


• The best advice is to find a reputable fitter who will do the job with expertise - is an excellent resource that gives you great advice on choosing the right fitter.
• Take a look at different offers and compare prices – use the internet and cost comparison sites.
• Ask around friends and family for recommendations – someone will know a good plumber who is certified and licensed to carry out the job.

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