Garage Door Cost

How much does a garage door cost?

A garage door is not only a practical item but one that is very much a part of the facade of a house. For this reason there are many different types and styles of garage door available, and when it comes to choosing the right one for your house the cost can vary considerably.

General Cost

• A standard style up and over opening aluminium panel garage door will cost you anything between $400 and $700, including the fitting process.
• If you prefer wood, a similar design to the above will cost you in the region of $600 to $900.
• Another type of wood door is the very stylish roll-up design, one favoured by many, and these can cost in the region of $1000 to $2000.
• The above prices are for off the shelf standard designs; you can choose to have a specially designed garage door made and fitted, and for a quality wood design expect the cost to be in the region of $3000 and higher.
• Steel doors are also available in many styles, at similar prices to the up and over models listed above – around $500 to $700.

Extra Cost

• If you want to add an automatic system to your up and over or roll style garage door most models can accommodate one; a typical remote control opening system will be somewhere around $200 to $350 fitted and operational.
• If you need additional remotes for powered doors you will pay between $15 and $30 for each one.
• Any non-standard design or attachment you want will be extra, and some colours can cost extra. Also, some types of wood are more expensive than others, so expect to pay more for exotic woods.


• Consider fitting it yourself; it is a two man job but one that can be carried out competently by anyone with reasonable DIY skills and a decent set of tools.
• Fitting yourself can save you a couple of hundred dollars.


• Use the internet to search for local companies and to compare like for like prices – get a few quotes from suppliers for the same item and choose the best deal.
• Look for a good warranty in with the deal – garage doors can be susceptible to faults in some cases.
• Make sure the one you buy fits your garage opening – have the measurements handy at all times.

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