Gas Central Heating Cost

How much does gas central heating cost?

For many people heating a home with a gas system is the most efficient and cost effective choice, yet being able to do depends on the very construction of the house itself and the availability of mains gas in the region. Furthermore, the installation and purchase of systems can vary greatly depending on the complexity and size of the job in hand.

General Cost

• If you are replacing an existing system and all ducts are there the cost of a brand new system will be between $6000 and $12000 depending on the size of the house – much greater for very large properties.
• New build properties or those being stripped and renovated may need additional and new duct work, and this can lift the price to $12000 to $20000. Remember that these are general prices – the size of the job will determine the ultimate cost.
• Lab our costs are higher in more expensive areas hence you will pay more in some places than in others.
• The job should include, if needed, the removal of the old boiler and materials and the installation of new.

Extra Cost

• Where complications are encountered in the fitting of the system there will be added costs incurred.
• Fire inspection may be required by some councils – this will cost in the region of $50 to $100.
• Additional items such as zone controllers – a possible $2000 – air cleaners which may cost $500 and programmable systems, a further $200, add to the cost of the job.


• More efficient systems may be able to claim tax credits, so you should enquire with your local authority for further information.
• Make sure you get a full warranty with your new system as there are many things that can go wrong.
• Remember that the job will take a few days – at least – and will leave you without heat overnight; if possible, schedule your work for the warmer time of year.


• The best advice is to find a reputable fitter who will do the job with expertise - is an excellent resource that gives you great advice on choosing the right fitter and points you to those in your local area
• Take a look at different offers and compare prices – use the internet and cost comparison sites. Get several estimates, and check them against each other.
• Ask around friends and family for recommendations – someone will know a good plumber who is certified and licensed to carry out the job.
• Use the Better Business Bureau to find reputable companies.

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