Geothermal Heat Pump Cost

How much does geothermal heat pump cost?

A relatively new invention, the geothermal heat pump is a very clever system that allows you to harness the natural heat of the ground for your heating needs. The system can also be used for cooling in hotter times of the year. While not cheap, these systems are very efficient but it needs to be understood that they work to their best effect in certain locations and circumstances and that costs can vary due to the complexity and size of the system involved as well as local labour costs.

General Cost

• Your average geothermal heat pump will cost between $3000 and $10,000 depending upon the type of system and the complexity of it. There are many considerations to take note of, not least the siting of the pump itself and the location of the house it intends to serve.
• Installation will be extra and costs can vary greatly. In general you should expect to pay anywhere between $7000 and $15000 for the system to be put in place, including full excavation costs and all included ancillaries.
• Lab our costs are higher in more expensive areas hence you will pay more in some places than in others.

Extra Cost

• Additional costs may include preliminary surveys – anything from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars – to determine the value and viability of the system in the chosen location.
• Regular maintenance will also be needed – check with your installers or potential suppliers for likely costs.


• The pump will work best in areas where the temperature is not wildly fluctuating across the year.
• Some systems may be subject to possible federal grants applied to efficient systems.
• Check with your local authority for any added incentives to install energy efficient ground or water source geothermal heating systems.


• Go to for the most comprehensive source of information on the subject and the systems currently available on the internet – it is a must read site for anyone considering this line of heating.
• Take a look at different offers and compare prices – use the internet and cost comparison sites. Get several estimates, and check them against each other.
• Ask around friends and family for recommendations – you may find somebody who has invested in a similar system in the past and has useful advice to pass on.
• Use the Better Business Bureau to find reputable companies.

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