Radiant Floor Heating Cost

How much does radiant floor heating cost?

Radiant floor heating is a clever system whereby the heating pipes or tubes are installed under the floor. As heat rises this is an efficient way to heat a home. It is most commonly used in new builds or renovations – thanks to the complexity of retro-fitting such a system – but can be put into existing homes, and the very nature of the idea means that costs will vary not just between systems and local labour rates but between the individual circumstances of each case.

General Cost

• Most will quote you a per square foot price – this can be anywhere between $5 and $20 for installing a hot water radiant system in a home. Note that this price is for a job where the flooring is open, and if the floor needs to be brought up and the system installed then it will be more expensive.
• A professional installation in a 2000 square foot house will, therefore, cost anywhere between $10000 and $40000 depending on the complexity and style of the job involved.
• The general trend among users is to install the system in individual rooms rather than entire buildings; many people find that fitting a system in the downstairs rooms can adequately heat the upper rooms.
• The cost will vary according to the local labour rates in your area.
• One way of saving money is to use the electric mat system, and installing such a mat in a single room – a little like an electric blanket but hidden under the floor – can be as little as $700. Bear in mind these systems are not as efficient as the water versions.

Extra Cost

• Any job that means altering the floor will need a survey of floor supports and joists, this being an added cost.
• Should the floor need strengthening after the survey further costs entail.


• Make sure a quote for a water hated system includes the boiler.
• Check the difference in price between electric cable and heated water systems.
• Check with your local authority for possible discounts available for installing efficient systems – these can be found nationwide.


• Get a number of like for like estimates and check them against each other for price and content.
• Use local listings and internet cost comparisons for names.
• Ask around – you may find a friend or family member can recommend a good fitting service, and discounts are sometimes given for referrals.

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