Tile Flooring Cost

How much does tile flooring cost?

As one of the most effective and varied methods of covering floors, tiles have always been popular with those who value their creature comforts. However, the variety of types of tile available – and the quality – means that this is an area where an average cost is impossible to arrive at. The material, type, shape and style of the tile – and the quantity needed – can all have an effect on the ultimate cost.

General Cost

• One of the most popular of all types, natural stone tiles can be bought for as little as $2 per square foot, yet the price can be many times higher than that for different types of stone and finish.
• Likewise, terracotta tiling is also very attractive and hugely popular, and with prices starting at $1 per square foot can be a very cost effective way of tiling a floor. However, as the quality rises the cost escalates dramatically.
• Glazed ceramic tiles can cost anywhere between a couple of dollars and $30 per square foot – yet another indication of the variation in cost in the materials.
• If you wish to include mosaic in your design you are getting into serious cost territory – a square foot can cost as much as $50 for quality work.

Extra Cost

• All of the above are for the cost of the tiles only; for fitting, depending on the type and quality of the tiles and the size of the overall job, you will need to allow an extra $7 to $12 per square foot of floor.
• In some cases you may have to pay for underlay or backboards, in others they will be included in the price.
• You may need to move furniture yourself or the contractor will charge for what is an additional service.
• Likewise, any previous floor coverings should have been lifted – costs will be incurred if this is included in the job.


• The cheapest flooring may be the most cost effective but you should expect a degree of colour variation as it will be a mix of sources.
• Paying a little more for the more expensive tile can result in a more evenly matched floor.
• More expensive tiles can be harder wearing than the cheaper varieties.
• Consider fitting the floor yourself – tiling a floor is not for the faint hearted but can be done by someone with a modicum of DIY experience.


• Use the internet to search for local companies and to compare like for like prices – get a few quotes from suppliers for the same item and choose the best deal.
• Make sure your deal includes fitting.
• Have the sizes of different rooms ready for like for like quotes.

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