Window Blinds Cost

How much does window blinds cost?

Window blinds make an attractive and convenient alternative to traditional curtains and have many benefits besides. There are many different types of window blinds to consider, and a wealth of different materials and styles, and this leads to much variation in the cost of putting blinds in your house. It is worth considering a number of factors before deciding on the best option.

General Cost

• Window blinds can be made from a variety of materials – plastic, wood and metal are all popular types of window blinds.
• They also come in a wide variety of styles – the traditional venetian blind is one, roller blinds another, vertical blinds another and there are many more.
• The size and shape of the window will have an impact on the cost of the blinds.
• Off the shelf standard sized roller and venetian blinds in plastic, wood, vinyl, metal and bamboo can be bought for a few dollars each at hardware stores.
• Bespoke specially made blinds made from quality wood or other materials can cost anywhere from $50 to $1000 and more depending on the size and quality of the blind.
• A room with one large window can cost between $100 and a few thousand dollars to equip, depending on what you require.

Extra Cost

• The only major additional cost of window blinds comes with the fitting; this will likely be included in any deal for specially made blinds but you may choose to bring someone in to fit blinds bought from a shop.
• You can pay anywhere from $20 to $100 per window, size and type of blind being the difference.
• Cleaning is simple – a damp cloth regularly can be all that is needed for most blinds.


• If you are buying blinds from a shop fit them yourself; it is a relatively simple job and any off the shelf blinds will come with all the fitments needed to hang them correctly.
• Choose one blind per window if you can – the less there are per space the less cutting involved.
• Cutting tools are cheap and easy to use but may not be efficient on metal and wood blinds.


• Use the internet to search for local companies and to compare like for like prices – get a few quotes from suppliers for the same item and choose the best deal.
• Make sure your deal includes fitting.
• Have the sizes of different windows ready for like for like quotes.

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