Dog Daycare Cost

How much does dog daycare cost?

For many of us a dog is a pet that we love and enjoy, but there are times when we have to be at work for long periods of time. The rising popularity of dog daycare services is one of the success stories of recent years with many professional people choosing to entrust their pet with professionals, and costs for the service can be varied and changeable according to the service provided and the location.

General Cost

• Dog daycare is a relatively recent phenomenon and as such the cost can vary wildly; expect to pay at least $5 - the very bottom end of the market – and as much as $30 for a more intensive care programme lasting half a day.
• Make sure that half a day is really that – you want at least five hours for your fee.
• Full days, in which the dog is placed with the carer typically at 7am and picked up by the owner on the way home from work will naturally be double the above fee, and perhaps more in some cases.
• You can look at the option of monthly bulk buying as this is the popular way with professionals in permanent jobs.
• The cost of dog daycare will not only vary with the service – your dog should receive one to one attention and plenty of exercise during the session – but also with the location; expect to pay more in major city locations.

Extra Cost

• If you need your dog to be picked up and dropped off at home there will be an additional fee, typically around the $10 mark.
• Cancellations in some circumstances will be charged and late drop off and pick up may incur penalty charges.
• If medical treatment is needed for your pet while in the care of the dog daycare firm you will be obliged to pay for it.


• Look for a dog daycare service that provides a good mix of exercise and training plus association with other dogs, and one that also offers one to one attention.
• If you have more than one dog in care you should try and negotiate a discount.


• Always shop around for the best deal – this is a competitive market and the packages offered by various daycare services differ.
• Check at your local pet store and vet for recommended services
• See for expert advice and information on rates and costs and nearby facilities
• Ask around friends and family for advice - you never know who may recommend a good deal.

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